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Welcome to Midwest Pros LLC

Your trusted gutter cleaning service provider in Troy, MI

We recognize the significance of maintaining clean and debris-free gutters to shield your property from water damage and enhance its visual appeal. We collaborate with you to ensure that your gutter system is in excellent shape, and our team is readily available to address any queries or apprehensions you might have.

Locally owned small business that proudly serves the Troy community.

Easy as...1-2-3!

1. Fill out this form or give us a Call/Text to 248-509-4699 for a Same Day Virtual Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Guard estimate on your home or business.

2. Schedule a day and time for the gutters and spouts to be cleaned.

Being home at time of cleaning is optional.

3. Once the cleaning is completed you'll receive a report of the Gutters/Roof condition and any concerns we may find during the gutter cleaning.

*Payment upon completion can be made online or in person.

Monday-Saturday: 24 Hours
Sunday: Closed

Payments Accepted:

Credit-Debit Cards, Cash, Check, Financing

         Why Midwest Pros LLC?

~ Virtual Online Estimates
~ Fast & Comprehensive Services
~ Free Gutter/Roof Evaluation
~ Contactless Gutter Cleanings
~ Online Payments
~ 14 day No-Clog Warranty
~ Multi Licensed Local Business

Attention Troy Residents!
Say goodbye to clogged gutters with our unbeatable 14 day clog-free warranty!
Our proficient cleaners take great s
atisfaction in their work, and we back their exceptional service with an assurance that your gutters will remain free of blockages for a complete two weeks. Rely on us for high-caliber service and safeguard your home or business from expensive water damage.

Our Gutter Cleaning Process:

hand cleaning gutter out

1. Hand bag wet debris
Reduces mess around home while providing a thorough cleaning.

blowing out gutter system

4. Blowout gutter system
Our process includes removing roof debris by blowing it off, performing a comprehensive clearing of the gutter system, and ensuring that the downspouts have unobstructed air flow.

gutter debris blockage

2. Scrape out shingle grit
Our cleaning process stands out from the rest as we use a special tool to remove shingle grit, a common cause of gutter clogs and sagging gutters.

roof inspection

5. Gutter/Roof inspection
Free Gutter & Roof inspection with solutions and photos of any concerns when accessible.

clogged downspout

3. Unclog downspouts
As needed, we will disassemble your downspouts to remove any blockages or obstructions and reconnect them to ensure proper drainage.

gutter debris clean up

6. Onsite cleanup
Blow off debris around property including driveway, sidewalks, window sills, porches and patios.

Troy Gutter Cleaning Reviews:

"Friendly workers and they did a great job on the cleaning during the cold morning"

- Sal  from Troy, MI 48083

"Fast and responsive gutter cleaning company A++"

- Billy from Troy, MI 48084

"Impressive company to worth with. They installed our roof and gutter system."

- Selwan from Troy, MI 48085

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According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), water damage resulting from clogged gutters is a common problem.

                                                       Here are some statistics:

  1. Blocked gutters are the primary culprit behind basement water issues.

  2. Repairing water damage from clogged gutters can set you back an average of $6,000.

  3. Half of all exterior home damage is caused by water damage from obstructed gutters.

  4. Proper maintenance and care, including regular gutter cleaning, could have prevented 85% of water damage to homes.

  5. Consistent upkeep of gutters, including cleaning and fixing leaks, can avert water damage and prolong the lifespan of your gutters and home exterior.

Stay off the ladder and give us a call. 

There were an estimated 136,000 emergency department-treated injuries related to ladders in the United States in 2019.


Heading 2

Why Midwest Pros LLC?

As a licensed and insured HVAC and Residential Builder, we go beyond just Gutter Cleanings by offering outstanding services in Roofing, Heating, and Cooling. Our team of experienced professionals prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, effective, and efficient solutions to meet all your needs. Choose us for our expertise, top-quality services, and unwavering commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.


Discovering Troy Michigan

1. The average cost of repairing water damage from clogged gutters can range from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the extent of the damage.

5. Troy is home to the Troy Historic Village, a living history museum that features over 10 historic buildings and a collection of over 20,000 artifacts.


6. Has over 900 acres of parkland, including several nature preserves and trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.

7. Troy is home to a thriving business community, with over 6,000 businesses and over 125,000 employees working in the city.

2. Troy, Michigan experiences a moderate amount of rainfall throughout the year, with an average of 32 inches annually. This means that gutters in the area may require cleaning more frequently to prevent clogs and water damage.

4. Troy is home to the largest mall in Michigan, the Somerset Collection. It features over 180 stores and restaurants, as well as a luxury hotel and movie theater.

3. The city of Troy is home to a variety of trees, including maple, oak, birch, and pine trees. While these trees provide shade and beauty, they can also shed leaves, needles, and other debris that can clog gutters.

Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

  1. What is gutter cleaning? Gutter cleaning is the process of removing debris, leaves, and other materials that have accumulated in the gutters and downspouts of your home or business.

  2. How often should gutters be cleaned? Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall. However, if you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may need to clean them more often.

  3. Why is it important to clean gutters? Cleaning gutters is important to prevent water damage to your home or building. When gutters are clogged, water can overflow and cause damage to your roof, siding, foundation, and landscaping.

  4. Can I clean my gutters myself? Yes, you can clean your gutters yourself, but it can be dangerous and time-consuming. It's important to use the proper equipment and safety precautions when cleaning gutters. Hiring a gutter cleaning company is safer and efficient.

  5. How much does it cost to have gutters cleaned? The cost of gutter cleaning varies depending on the size of your home or building and the amount of debris in your gutters. On average, the cost can range from $100 to $250.

  6. How can I prevent my gutters from getting clogged? You can prevent your gutters from getting clogged by installing gutter guards or screens, trimming nearby trees and bushes, and cleaning your gutters regularly.

  7. What are the signs that my gutters need cleaning? Some signs that your gutters need cleaning include overflowing water, sagging gutters, and visible debris in the gutters or downspouts.

  8. How long does gutter cleaning take? The time it takes to clean gutters depends on the size of your home or building and the amount of debris in your gutters. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

  9. What should I do if I notice damage to my gutters during cleaning? If you notice damage to your gutters during cleaning, it's important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You can contact us for gutter repair service to assess and fix the damage.

  10. What damages can occur from clogged gutter system? Water damage to the basement, gutters, roof, fascia boards, siding and staining gutters that causes ugly curb appeal.

                                                    Gutter Cleaning Service Areas
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Warren | Sterling Heights | Clinton Township | St. Clair Shores | Utica | Macomb Township | Shelby Township                New Baltimore | Roseville | Eastpointe | Fraser & More

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                                                                  Gutter Guard Installation Areas

Macomb County: 
Warren | Sterling Heights | Clinton Township | Romeo | St. Clair Shores | Utica | Macomb Township | Shelby Township     New Baltimore | Roseville | Eastpointe  | Fraser | Armada & More


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Troy | Royal Oak | Rochester Hills | Rochester | Novi | West Bloomfield | Bloomfield Hills | Birmingham | Ferndale       Oak Park | Beverly Hills & More


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Zip codes in your city that we offer gutter cleaning services in: 48007 48083 48084 48085 48098 48099

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